Monday, 04 April, 2005
I arrived at Paddington 2 1/2 hours before the departure of the sleeper. Unfortunately this coincided exactly with all the café's and restaurants closing!
Tuesday, 05 April, 2005
Tuesday started earlier than planned. I had booked an alarm call and breakfast from the steward for 7:30, instead my alarm call was the sound of "...03:40 First Great Western service to Penzance calling at..."
Wednesday, 06 April, 2005
After a very comfortable nights sleep, and a delicious breakfast I headed out to the bus station and on to Geevor. Tin has been mined here for hundreds of years and Geevor was one of the last to close as foreign competition and falling prices made Cornish
Thursday, 07 April, 2005
Early start to the day as I was catching the 9:20 flight to Tresco, one of the Isles of Scilly. After checking out of the hotel (but the landlord very kindly allowing me to leave my bags) I got a cab to the Heliport, as the only way onto Tresco is by heli
Thursday, 30 September, 2021
Its quite a long way down to the tip of Cornwall, so I’d split my journey up into two legs…
Friday, 01 October, 2021
As I’d been able to come down the previous evening to Plymouth it meant I only needed to book a half days annual leave…
Saturday, 02 October, 2021
I’d packed my waterproof clothes as the weather forecast for most of the preceding week had suggested it was going to be wet…
Sunday, 03 October, 2021
I had breakfast in the hotel and then checked-out and headed, once more, over to the bus station to pick up the first bus heading up the coast to the neighbouring town of Marazion…