Friday, 08 March, 2002
I'm not going to go into the horror story of the start of my trip to Bath here. To view that go to the Hall of Horrors. Suffice to say that thanks to the booking agents at nearly 9pm on a wet Friday I was left stranded in the middle of a city I had never
Saturday, 09 March, 2002
There are two major important sights in Bath. The baths and the Abbey.
Sunday, 10 March, 2002
In an attempt to hide from the showers I looked around as many of the museums as possible.
Friday, 06 August, 2021
After working from home during the morning I used my lunch break to head over to Paddington, grab a bite to eat and then pick up my train over to the West Country…
Saturday, 07 August, 2021
An early start as I had a two part tour booked for the morning…
Sunday, 08 August, 2021
I had an early breakfast and checked out of the hotel to head over towards the Pulteney Bridge…