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Housed in an exhibition space above court 600 where the Nuremberg Trails took place the museum charts the history of the War Crime trials, from the build up to World War 2, through to the trials and eventual sentencing of those convicted. The second part of the museum then looks at how trials progresses after the initial trial of the senior members of the Nazi regime, and over time moved to the Hague developing into the International Criminal Court of today. Prior to March 2022 Court 600 was an active court in the Nuremberg Justice Centre and visiting was hit and miss depending on whether a trial was on or not, but since March 2022 the court has been taken out of action permanently which means a visit can now be guaranteed - there are plans to restore the room to how it would have looked during the trails.


Charge, day ticket valid at all other Nuremberg city museums on the same day

Getting There

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