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Coming up from the ticket office area of the Alhambra is a small road, which leads past some hotels to the summit of the hill, on the side of the hill is an olive grove, which you can walk to, and which takes you to the edge of the hill, from where you get stunning views over to the Alhambra and the city. If you walk a little further along the road, as it starts to descend back down to the edge of the city, there is a further viewing area. The views from both these spots are particularly spectacular at sunset and the sun burns its way behind the mountains in the distance, and the light glints off the snow capped Sierra Nevada behind you.



Getting There

It's quite a long walk up the hill from the centre of town, so it's best to take a bus up to the Alhambra, then continue on up the road the bus came up until you get to some steps leading up into the olive grove
Latitude: 37.170029; Longitude: -3.585003


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