Holyhead; Thursday, 21 January, 2010

I headed over to the station to buy a “North Wales Rover”, these are fantastic tickets which let you travel around, depending on how many zones you buy, all or part of North Wales on buses and trains. I got the 3 zone ticket, and by the time I got off the train at Conwy an hour later I was already even, every journey I took for the rest of the day would be a saving.

From the station I had a short walk along a section of the city walls to the castle (well, why go along the pavement when you can go above). After taking in the castle and the rest of the city walls, I hopped on the bus down to the next major town down the coast, Llandudno.

I had thought that this much out of season absolutely nothing would be open, and for the most part I was correct. However, one thing, the coach tour around the Great Orm on Marine Drive, was running so I took that.

Finishing the tour I had a wander down the almost deserted pier. It was at this point that I remembered that whilst it was sunny, it was still the middle of January, and the wind that was coming off the sea was biting. I decided I needed to warm up, so I went for a bus ride, this time retracing my steps back from Llandudno through Conwy to Bangor. The bus runs along the coast, and the views are spectacular, well worth the trip by themselves.

I got off at Bangor station and caught the train back to Colwyn Bay. From the station I walked the short distance down to the sea front. To be kind to Colwyn Bay it was at sunset, there was a bit of a breeze and it was off-season, but the sight of the semi-derelict pier did make me feel that the place was a little bleak.

I walked along the Prom for a while before heading back up to the station and catching the train back round to Llandudno where I went for some dinner in one of the many Fish and Chip shops that line the main street.

Having filled up I caught the train back to Llandudno Junction just in time to miss the train back to Holyhead. I had nearly 50 minutes to wait for the next train, so I took the opportunity to walk the short distance from the station into Conwy and take some evening photos of the floodlit castle.

I headed back to the station and with about 5 minutes to spare made the train back to Holyhead. By the time I got back to the hotel I was really in need of the bed.


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