Colchester; Sunday, 29 January, 2012

Checked out, but with my luggage in the hotels reception office I went into town to take in the main sights.

After a pleasant walk through the castle gardens which include substantial parts of the towns old Roman Walls, I arrived at the castle.

The castle keep is the largest Norman keep in the country, bigger even than the Tower of London, after which it is modelled. Even more impressive than the 1000 year old Norman keep is the fact it is built on the 2000 year old remains of a former Roman temple.

I had a long wander around the museum which is now housed in the castle, telling the history of the area, including going on a guided tour of the Roman foundations beneath the castle and up onto the castles roof for what should have been stunning views if it wasn’t for the heavy mist that was rapidly changing into a shower.

Having looked round the castle I wandered over the road to the Natural History museum which is housed in a former church to have a look round that, and after another heavy shower, walked down to the ruins of St Botolph’s priory and the gatehouse of the former St John’s Abbey.

By now it was starting to get on a bit and after grabbing a late lunch, taking in some more of the Roman walls and Jumbo, the towns massive former water tower, it was time to collect my belongings and start what would be, as it was a Sunday and there were engineering works, the long journey home.


Misty Heavy Showers
Mild (0-10C, 32-50F)