Coimbra; Monday, 17 February, 2014

Yet another long lie in and large late breakfast before it was time to pack up and head back towards the station.

The timing of the trains from Coimbra back to Coimbra-B were such that I either had to wait for 45 minutes at the junction, or trudge the 2Km back to Coimbra-B through a heavy shower. I decided to have the long wait.

A couple of hours later, and with the rain still lashing down I arrived back at Lisbon Santa Apolónia station and put my bag in a luggage locker for a little while.

Emerging from the station into the very end of the latest shower I wandered through to the centre of the city and was just going to have a wander around, but another shower made my mind up that I’d do a spot of sightseeing from a tram.

Taking advantage of a serious bunching problem with the trams up into the cathedral and castle district I hopped on an almost empty tram at the rear of the queue, hopping off at the Portas del Sol to take some photos in another gap in the showers.

I continued on back round into the centre of the city at which point it was time to head back to the station, pick up my luggage and wend my way back out to the airport and finish the journey home.


Cloudy Heavy Showers
Warm (10-20C, 50-68F)