Barrow-in-Furness; Friday, 26 June, 2015

Out of work and across town as quick as I could I made it to Euston with about 40 minutes to spare before my train.

Despite it not being particularly warm it was horribly muggy and Euston is not a pleasant station to have to wait in on a sticky day, so I was quite glad that they announced the platform for the train relatively early.

On boarding the air conditioning was on full blast making the train beautifully cool, but as more and more large bags got placed into the overhead luggage racks blocking some of the air vents the train did start to warm up quite a bit, so by the time we finally pulled into Manchester (thankfully only a couple of minutes late), I was thankful for the much cooler and clearer air of the North.

A short walk down from Piccadilly station to my hotel for the night, and after a quick bit to eat it was off to bed.


No Data Sunny
Warm (10-20C, 50-68F)