Amersfoort; Sunday, 09 July, 2017

Id realised pretty early on that there wasnt that much more to do in Amersfoort so Id decided to have a bit of a lie-in and a lazy start to my Sunday. Consequently, it meant I ended up checking out of the hotel close to the latest time at midday, along with most other guests who had clearly had the same idea.

Having left my bag with the hotel I headed over towards the Koppelpoort and then followed the very pleasant walking route alongside the river and canals the follows the line of the old city walls. In places the walls either havent totally disappeared or have been restored to how they would have looked a couple of centuries ago.

The walk was around 2KM, and with photo stops took me about an hour to complete, which meant it was perfect time to grab a slow lunch in one of the restaurants around the Onze Lieve Vrouwetoren.

Lunch completed I wandered through town to the city museum Museum Flehite which I spent quite some time looking around.

By now I had exhausted much of what there was to do in the city centre, and still had quite some time to go before I needed to be heading back to the station so I wandered back to the Hof and whiled away a good 90 minutes or so sat in the warmth (and shade) of a caf taking the longest time possible to consume a large bottle of water.

I eventually headed back to the hotel to collect my bag and then headed over to the station to pick up the train back to Schiphol. Despite the train being delayed on approach to the airport, there was still just about three hours left before my flight departed, but as the airport is so large I decided to check in and head on through to departures.


Sunny Sunny
Hot (20-30C, 68-86F)