Limassol; Saturday, 27 January, 2024

I had a later start to the morning, not being amongst the first down for breakfast and consequently was able to sit out on the terrace as they had opened it up for breakfast this morning – there’s nothing quite like having breakfast with the sun on your skin.

After breakfast I headed out of the hotel to pick up the bus to head a couple of kilometres further along the coast road to the very edge of the city sprawl and the site of the ancient city of Amathus. The city was once one of the most important on the island, but by the 12th century it had been abandoned and much of the stone was repatriated into Limassol to help build some of the grand buildings of the new city.

At the same time the changing coastline and sea levels of the Eastern Mediterranean conspired to take the city’s port, with much of it now only visible to snorkelers and divers off the coast of the archaeological site.

There are several large buildings plus the outline of the market to explore and I spent quite a bit of time wandering around the site before it was time to start heading back into town – a feat which proved to be slightly more complicated by the very fast road and the only safe path taking you under the road and out onto the seafront path for a good few hundred meters before you can climb back up to a bus stop.

I picked up the bus back to the hotel and then headed up to my room to change into my swimming trunks and go for another paddle in the sea before retreating back into the hotel’s heated indoor pool for a proper swim.

After my swim I headed back up to my room to shower and freshen up as I had a spa treatment booked for late afternoon, a very pleasant 90 minute hot oil massage followed shortly afterwards by a very filling dinner.

A quick nightcap in the bar and I was ready to turn in for a good nights sleep.


Sunny Sunny
Warm (10-20C, 50-68F)