Saturday, 20 December, 2003
After an trouble free journey up (I expecting the worst using the trains the Saturday before Christmas) I arrived in York about 5pm and quickly checked into the hotel. After that I wandered out into the city to have a look around at one of the UK's oldest
Sunday, 21 December, 2003
Sunday dawned bright, clear and cold over the city so the obvious thing to do was to warm up with a quick walk. The biggest site (in terms of scale) in the city are the old medieval city walls. Despite the best efforts of the English Civil War, The Georgi
Monday, 22 December, 2003
After an exceptionally comfortable night with the heating on full blast it was almost inevitable that I would wake to the sight of snow covering the ground. Overnight winter had made it's way to Yorkshire and had left a good inch of snow on most things. S
Tuesday, 23 December, 2003
Thankfully overnight the temperature had risen again and by dawn all the snow was gone. On my way to the station to drop off my luggage I had a further wander round the ruins of the Abbey of St. Mary's.
Friday, 07 June, 2019
As I was transporting a hefty suitcase and a roller-banner I’d already booked a taxi to get me to city airport weeks in advance…
Saturday, 08 June, 2019
I was booked on an early train from Manchester Airport so I had to skip breakfast in the hotel and get an early shuttle bus round to the station…
Sunday, 09 June. 2019
I had a nice lie in and a late breakfast before heading out in the sun to the bus stop near the hotel to pick up the sightseeing bus…
Monday, 10 June, 2019
I was due to be at a conference for work in Manchester later in the day…