Baltimore Washington International

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WI Marshall Airport



5 - A, B, C, D, E

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Concourse E


2 star - Below average. Some plus points but there are several negatives
TT0107 /221750

Review created: 02/09/2018;
Last updated 02/09/2018


Large airport serving Baltimore and acting as an additional airport to Washington


The international terminal is generally modern in appearance


I have not arrived domestically at this airport

After landing it’s a short walk down to the immigration hall, and then a long queue to get seen. After immigration you walk straight through to the quite dark baggage reclaim hall and then after collecting luggage join another queue to be waived through by customs

Given there is only one terminal handling immigration at BWI you would have though they would have put sufficient staff on duty, but there were only two handling all arriving US, Canadian and ESTA cleared passengers - which was the majority off of my flight. The queue was over an hour long.

Due to the lengthy queue in immigration the baggage had at least arrived by the time I made it to the quite cramped baggage reclaim hall

From baggage reclaim you have to join yet another queue to see customs, when I went through there was a single customs officer on and he was waiving everyone through

From BWI there is a regular shuttle bus that takes about 5 minutes to get to the railway station some distance from the airport. From the station there are irregular trains on the MARC service into Washington Union station. If you're luck with the connections then it's possible to do the journey in a little under an hour, but if you miss a connection it could be well the other side of two hours. The only other options are taxis or expensive shuttles which go down the heavily congested interstate and take around 90 minutes to reach central Washington


I have not flown domestically from this airport

The check-in area is bright and spacious and the security checks were efficient and quick. From the security area it’s a short walk through the shopping area to the main departures lounge and the gates

There are a couple of cafés/bars airside

There are a couple of cafés/bars airside

There are several restaurants airside

A large number of shops airside

The toilets were clean