Norwich; Friday, 25 June, 2021

I travelled up to London during my lunch break, grabbing a bite to eat at Liverpool Street before hopping onto the train up to Norwich and making use of the good on-board WiFi to work the whole way up. A couple of minutes off-line to zip between the station and my hotel and then back online until the end of the working day.

With the laptop powered down I headed out of the hotel for a wander. The hotel overlooks the River Wensum and the station and from here there is a pleasant mile long walk that follows the river round the edge of the city centre, taking in some of the former fortifications of the city, as well as the old quayside and eventually drops you out by Elm Hill, which houses a fine collection of old timbered buildings, giving a good impression of what medieval Norwich would have looked like.

From Elm Hill I wandered back through the city centre, making a detour via the cathedral grounds and the marketplace with its Scandinavian style city hall tower.

I stopped off in a restaurant in the city centre for a quick dinner before heading back to the hotel as the light was starting to fade.


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