Farnham; Friday, 10 September, 2021

Another location that is reachable in an extended lunchbreak, so after making the relatively quick journey (my half hourly train to Clapham Junction of course being timetabled to arrive a minute after the half hourly service to Farnham departed) I walked down to the hotel, checked in and headed to my room to get back to work.

After powering down the laptop I headed over the road to the Sainsburys to grab something to eat for a light dinner as I didn’t have very long before I needed to head out for the evening.

I wolfed down a quick picnic dinner in my room before heading out and walking back up to the station to pick up the train one stop back up the line to Aldershot.

Arriving in Aldershot I wandered across town to the Princes Hall Theatre where I had tickets for David Baddiel’s latest tour.

It was a great show and after two hours of almost continuous laughter I left the theatre almost in physical pain from laughing so much.

I walked back across Aldershot to the station and managed to make a train back to Farnham that left a few minutes later. From Farnham it was a short walk back down to the hotel and then turning in for the night.


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