Update - Weymouth

Saturday, 19 July, 2003

Weymouth pages added to Countries along with templates for expanded Jersey pages.

Site map added to Help pages.

Shop pages updates to reflect recent changes.

Index not updated yet - New release in late August to cover changes from Weymouth, Douglas, Jersey and Guernsey.

Introduction page updated.


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Thursday, 10 July, 2003

Basic template pages for Weymouth, Douglas and Guernsey added to Countries.

Some Help pages added to improve usability of the website.

Additional Resources added to Jersey and for Guernsey.

Menu altered again slightly to reflect these change.

Basic template for Photo of the Month Archive added.


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Friday, 04 July, 2003

Minor changes to front pages of Countries ensuring that all details appear on the start page.

Pages checked for appearance on 600x800 Monitors.

Shop added to site to obtain CD-ROMs of all images from my trips.

Menu changed slightly to reflect this change.


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