Update - York

Tuesday, 23 December, 2003

York pages added to Countries

Scoreboards and My Guide To... updated with new information


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Minor Changes

Wednesday, 17 December, 2003

Shop pages redesigned with more information.

Minor changes to other pages to correct errors with links.

New additions to the Shop.  DVD's are now available.  2 DVD's (Europe or UK) with all the images are now available.


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Major Upgrade

Monday, 08 December, 2003

Countries section completly re-written and re-designed.  All pages split down into smaller parts so that they fit the screen more easily and require less reading through.


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New Additions

Monday, 08 December, 2003

New links section added to Countries.  These have links to relevant further reading on the country/city and the local tourist boards.  These will be expanded over the comming few weeks.


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Index Update

Saturday, 06 December, 2003

A-Z index has been fully updated to include Norwich and Calais and has been redesigned to match remainder of site.  Link buttons have been removed to speed loading of pages, locator bars now provide direct link to relevant pages or sections.

Downloadable index, items list and locations list added to the download section of Help


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Thursday, 04 December, 2003

Countries pages have been updated with coloured bars added to the top of each page reflecting the colour codes used within the shop section.


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Tuesday, 02 December, 2003

Site map has been updated and simplified to reflect recent changes.


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Major Upgrade

Monday, 01 December, 2003

Major changes to look of site.

New bars added to top of each page with page location indicators to show where in the site you are.

Faster access back to top level pages


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