Major Upgrade

Wednesday, 26 January, 2005

Several parts of the site have had an overhaul.

The front page has been tidied up with duplicate links removed.

A new script driven menu has been added which has more flexability than the old image based menu.

A new section - Slideshows has been added which is accessible from the main part of the site, as well as replacing the album sections of each country

Scoreboards - have been updated with new database driven front end.  The travel scoreboard has been overhauled with the performance information moved to each individual companies page and fuller reviews added for each individual trip (return now counts as two trips)

Lots of other minor changes made across the site to correct a few minor issues

After nearly a years absence the site search has been re-instated, this time on the front page.  This will allow you to search the whole site for keywords.


Posted: 21:20

New Additions

Tuesday, 11 January, 2005

More information has been added to the Background section within countries.

Some background information on the country and the currency has been added.


Posted: 19:45

My Guide Update

Monday, 03 January, 2005

The My Guide To... Public Transport: Oslo has been added.

Some minor corrections made to the guide to Dublin

The My Guide To... Airports: LHR: London Heathrow has been updated with the information for Terminal 3

The attractions section has been added to Oslo in Countries.


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Sunday, 02 January, 2005

The countries section has been updated with a new, easier to use menu and a new section.

Background gives some basic information on the location.  At present this is limited to typical weather conditions but will grow over the coming month.


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FAQ Update

Saturday, 01 January, 2005

I have added lots more to the FAQ section of the Help pages

This includes information on the EU, EEA and Schengen Agreements that are helpful if you are travelling in Europe.


Posted: 15:39

Photo Update

Saturday, 01 January, 2005

Photo of the Month for January 2005 has been added to the site


Posted: 13:29