New Videos

Sunday, 10 July, 2011

Eight new videos have been uploaded to the YouTube site:

Birmingham; Leeds & Yorkshire; Southampton; Porto; Jerez and Cadiz; Northampton; Bristol; Porthmadog


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Photo Update

Saturday, 09 July, 2011

A little belatedly this months photo of the month has been added to the site


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Update - Ipswich

Saturday, 09 July, 2011

All the details from Ipswich have now been added to the site


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Flickr Update

Sunday, 03 July, 2011

The transfer of all images from the very dead Fotopics to Flickr has been completed.

Recently added:

Granada; Munich; Carlisle; Glasgow; Torquay; Barnstaple; Derry; Galway; Limerick; Cork; Dublin (2008 & 2009); Belfast; Newcastle; Milan; Nuremberg; Holyhead; Coventry; Malaga; Liverpool; Blackpool; Dusseldorf; Norwich; Bonn; Torshavn; Copenhagen; Aalborg; Arhus; Leamington Spa; Turin; Middlesbrough; Salisbury and Birmingham


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